RSC Group carries out weed control programmes across Northern Ireland. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the treatment and removal of weeds having successfully delivered contracts for the DRD, Road Service and local Councils, Football Clubs, Golf Clubs and housing bodies across Northern Ireland.

  • Our weed control service incorporates:
  • Total weed control
  • Selective weed control
  • Treatment of moss on hard surfaces
  • Invasive species
  • Manual clearance of weeds

We carry out weed spraying and weed control in accordance with EU specifications, using only approved chemicals. Care is always exercised when spraying near water courses, catchment areas and reservoirs to ensure that runoff does not contaminate waterways.

A certificate of competence in the storage and handling of crop protection products is held by each job supervisor, who is directly responsible for controlling the storage of herbicides. All weed spraying operations are carried out by experienced, skilled operators.

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  • Selective Weed Control

    Selective Weed Control

    Selective weed control involves the elimination of common weeds in cultivated areas without adversely affecting the surrounding vegetation. RSC Group are experienced in providing this service in locations/settings such as: Sports grounds catering for field games such as football, golf and cricket General amenity...

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  • Total Weed Control

    Total Weed Control

    Total weed control is employed when there is a need to eliminate all vegetation in the target area. This technique is most commonly employed in the following areas: Footpaths and walkways Road surfaces and hard shoulders All weather playing surfaces and sports grounds. Pedestrian precincts

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  • Treatment of Moss and Algae

    Treatment of Moss and Algae

    At certain times of the year moss and algae can be very prevalent on hard surfaces such as: Stone Paved and flagged footways Hard paved play areas Tarmac, bitmac and concrete surfaces Building exteriors and facades Infestation on lawns and planted areas Moss and alg...

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  • Invasive Species

    Invasive Species

    RSC Group can treat the most common local invasive species such as: Japanese Knotweed Hybrid Knotweed Giant Knotweed Himalayan Knotweed Giant Hogweed Himalayan BalsamThese invasive non-native species are now widely recognised as a major threat to biodiversity worldwi...

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